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MyPPP is a ppp dialer+logger for Red Hat Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 445K
Developer: Jaybee Caoibes
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MyPPP is a ppp dialer+logger for Red Hat Linux. It let's you start a ppp dialup connection to your ISP and it records how much time you're online every month. With MyPPP, you don't have to worry about excess internet bills.

MyPPP uses the MySQL database to record monthly usage time. MyPPP runs under Red Hat Linux 7 or newer with MySQL and Qt installed.

To install follow these commands:
Make sure that you are logged in as root.

1. Extract the archive (tar -zxvf myppp-0.6-rh7-i386+src.tar.gz).
2. Change directory to the installation path (cd myppp-0.6).
3. Type ./install.

To start MyPPP, just type myppp. Make sure the MySQL server is running.

What's New in This Release:
Version 0.6 released with daily time record (DTR) feature. In addition to recording monthly usage, this version now also records the logon and logoff times, with the corresponding interface used and the user who used the connection.

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