MythStream 0.16_5 review

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MythStream is an unofficial plugin for MythTv

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 164K
Developer: Eric Gies
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MythStream is an unofficial plugin for MythTv. It is based on StreamTuned and offers the same functionality as StreamTuned except for recording and some player debug output.

MythStream v0.16_3 compiles with MythTV v0.16 and v0.17. Later versions compile with MythTV v0.18 thanks to a patch from John Miller, now integrated in MythStream v0.16_4 and up.

What's New in This Release:
compiles with mythtv v0.18
podcast support
playlist cache (to be nice to xml feeds)
file download support (used by podcast)
item detail information screen, launches viewer for html/text data in xml feeds
custom colors in settingsrc (streamtuned only), icon usage
"copy and paste" stream items between repositories
parsing of (icecast) xml and other playlists though external (custimizable) scripts
workaround for mplayer hanging on .pls files without -playlist option
improved parsing of mplayer (error) messages
bug removal: tempfile blocking multiuser play, recovery from mplayer lockups, etc.
support for static html stream storages (on webservers refusing POST requests)
separate dump window showing mplayer stdout, allows for manual stream url start.
multiple customizable CustomStreamEvents (mplayer output events) in player.xml

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