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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 7K
Developer: Stanley Hopcroft
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Nagios::WebTransact::Timed is an object that provides a check method (usually called by a Nagios service check) to determine if a sequence of URLs can be got inside a time threshold, returning the times for each.


use Nagios::WebTransact::Timed;

# Constructors
$web_trx = Nagios::WebTransact::Timed->new(@url_set);

WebTransact::Timed is a subclass of WebTransact that checks web performance by downloading a sequence of URLs.

The check is successfull if no more than fail_ratio of the URLs fail ie a URL is downloaded inside the timeout period with a successfull HTTP return code and no indications of invalid content.

Note that unlike WebTransact, this object only returns FAIL if all URLs fail or timeout.


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