Nautilus-actions 1.4 review

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Nautilus actions is an extension for Nautilus, the gnome file manager

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Frederic Ruaudel
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Nautilus actions is an extension for Nautilus, the gnome file manager. Nautilus-actions allow to configure program to be launch on files selected into Nautilus interface.

Each time you right-click on one or several selected files in nautilus, nautilus-actions will parse its config files to see if a program has been set for this selection. If it is the case, it will add an item in the menu that allow you to execute the program on the selected files.

This extentions is highly inspired from nautilus-sendto extentions from Roberto Majadas.


What's New in This Release:
A bug with Nautilus was fixed to make it update its popup menus when a configuration value changes in Nautilus-actions.
The problem with the Export feature in Nact when the config contains some XML special characters was fixed.
Error handling in Nact was improved, and now displays error dialogs when necessary.
The icon preview in Nact which was displaying a bad icon in some special cases was fixed.
The creation of the "%M" parameter pattern was fixed when selecting files in virtual "SavedSearch" folders.
The extension part was optimized by updating the config list only when it has changed and not each time Nautilus asks for it.

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