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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 81K
Developer: Daniel Berrange
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Net::DBus provides a Perl binding for the DBus messaging system.

Net::DBus enables services to be exported to the bus, as well as full use of services present on the bus.


Net::DBus Perl extension for the DBus message system0.33.2
Net::DBus::ASyncReply asynchronous method reply handler
Net::DBus::Annotation annotations for changing behaviour of APIs
Net::DBus::Binding::Bus Handle to a well-known message bus instance
Net::DBus::Binding::Connection A connection between client and server
Net::DBus::Binding::Introspector Handler for object introspection data
Net::DBus::Binding::Iterator Reading and writing message parameters
Net::DBus::Binding::Message Base class for messages
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::Error a message encoding a method call error
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::MethodCall a message encoding a method call
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::MethodReturn a message encoding a method return
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::Signal a message encoding a signal
Net::DBus::Binding::PendingCall A handler for pending method replies
Net::DBus::Binding::Server A server to accept incoming connections
Net::DBus::Binding::Value Strongly typed data value
Net::DBus::Binding::Watch binding to the dbus watch API
Net::DBus::Callback a callback for receiving reactor events
Net::DBus::Dumper Stringify Net::DBus objects suitable for printing
Net::DBus::Exporter Export object methods and signals to the bus
Net::DBus::Object Provide objects to the bus for clients to use
Net::DBus::Reactor application event loop
Net::DBus::RemoteObject Access objects provided on the bus
Net::DBus::RemoteService Access services provided on the bus
Net::DBus::Service Provide a service to the bus for clients to use
Net::DBus::Test::MockConnection Fake a connection to the bus unit testing
Net::DBus::Test::MockObject Fake an object from the bus for unit testing


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