neteK 0.8.2 review

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neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDAV server

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Egon Kocjan
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neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDAV server. neteK stays in the system tray without using too many system resources.

Creating a share is as simple as clicking on a create button, selecting the shared folder and clicking OK. Target platforms are Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Qt 4 is used as a development platform.

Here are some key features of "neteK":
FTP with unicode (UTF8) support, simple user authentication,
easy copy link feature, automatic public address detection,
right-click menu integration for Konqueror, Nautilus and Windows explorer
Linux and Windows port.

Qt 4

What's New in This Release:
Integration with file managers (right-click menu and dnd), quick share control from the tray icon, and many bugfixes.

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