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Artekopia Netjuke is a cross-platform Web-based audio streaming jukebox powered by PHP 4 and an increasing choice of databases. MP

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Artekopia Netjuke is a cross-platform Web-based audio streaming jukebox powered by PHP 4 and an increasing choice of databases.

MP3, Ogg Vorbis, ASF/WMA, and other music file formats are supported. Artekopia Netjuke aims to enable small organizations or communities run a private "" Web site to access the music they legitimately own, distribute, or are granted access to.

It supports most audio players, language packs, optional file downloads, media protection schemes, multi-level security, shared and private playlists, random playlists, images, etc. It also features an unusual, easy-to-use installer module to get you started in minutes.

Here are some key features of "Netjuke":
Open Source License - Netjuke is distributed under the terms of GNU Public License
Cross Platform Design - Netjuke is designed to run seamlessly on both the Windows NT and Unix-like platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, etc.)
Database Independence - Currently supported databases are MySQL and PostgresSQL
Multilingual - Currently supported languages include Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, and Dutch.
Multi-user Web Jukebox - All music controlled by Netjuke is accessible by all users via the web at any time. There are multiple security levels and a protection feature to control who has access to the media library.
Private and Shared Playlists - Netjuke provides a flexible playlist system that allows for both private and shared playlists and allows items to be edited, reordered. randomized, and sorted in a variety of ways.
Relational Database Backend - Since Netjuke uses a relational database, it escapes the filesystem metaphor and allows you to view your media collection from a higher level and utilize powerful metadata features.
Quick and Advanced Searching - Flexible search options make it easy to locate the media you are looking for by searching by title, artist, album, genre, comments, lyrics, and license.
Alphabetical Listings - All musical groupings are available in alphabetical listings.
Explore Interface - The media archive can be presented in a group based 'explore' interface that makes finding new music as easy as browsing a record store.
Server Side Playback - Netjuke supports a variety of methods for centralized playback on the machine hosting the web application.
Streaming Radio - IceCast and QuickTime Streaming Server can be utilized to provide a streaming radio station for media managed by Netjuke.
Automated Import - Netjuke will recursively search your media collection and automatically import any new media encountered.
Tag Editing - Netjuke can optionally edit the metadata tags associated with your media as you make changes through the web site.
Individual and Batch Editing - Metadata can be edited at an individual track level or as a related group.
Automatic Detection of Changes - Netjuke will automatically detect changes to managed files and resynchronize the database.
Music Directory Browser - A filesystem browser provides a view of the managed media as it exists on disk.
Duplicate Track Finder - A flexible utility for finding duplicate pieces of media is provided. Say goodbye to redundant songs!
Delete to Trash - Netjuke maintains a special trash directory that contains all songs that are deleted via the web interface. This provides additional security for your media collection and allows mistakes to be quickly undone.
Themeing - The user interface is highly customizable and a flexible CSS based themeing system is built into the core interface.
Media Protection - Netjuke can handle all serving of media itself, preventing unauthorized access to your media through the web server.
XML Support - Netjuke can produce rich XML representations of the content and metadata it manages, allowing interoperation with other systems.

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