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Netrik is the ANTRIK Internet Viewer/Browser/Explorer/Navigator/whatever

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Olaf Buddenhagen
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Netrik is the ANTRIK Internet Viewer/Browser/Explorer/Navigator/whatever. (Tell us which one you like best.

Netrik is Free Source Software published under the GNU GPL, which essentially states that you can do anything with the programm and its source code, as long as it remains free.

There are a lot of reasons to use a text browser.

The first one is that a text mode browser runs almost everywhere, even in environments without a graphical mode. Especially the possibility to use them through Telnet can be very useful. Also, a text mode browser needs very few system ressources, as displaying text needs much less processor time and memory than graphical pages. On a heavily loaded machine it steals less ressources and feels much better.

The second one is that it's a very good possibility for web authors to test the usability of their pages. In a text mode browser many flaws of web pages are obvious, which are hidden in Netscape&Co., but could cause problems in other browsers.

The third reason (which seems to be the decisive one for many users) is that the avialable text mode browsers have very quick startup times. Thus they can be used to take a quick glance at a page without having to start a "big" graphical browser, and also without having to start the graphical environment if you do not have one running all the time. (I do not.) This can be very valuable, especially for program documentation in html format.

The fourth reason to use a text mode browser is that it "saves" one from graphically overloaded pages. Many pages are much clearer in a text mode browser, and thus information retrieval is much more efficient. Note that for many pages this is only true if the text mode resolution is high enough. (No problem in an xterm or on a Linux console with an fb-device.)

The fifth reason (the main reason why I use text mode browsers) is that many people generally prefer text mode over graphical mode. There are many reasons for this, but I guess this is more a question of taste... Only please do not make your sentence without having experienced it :-)

Last but not least, a text mode browser is the most reasonable possibility to browse the web for blind users.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed a crash with some (invalid) < textarea > form fields, and other potential stability issues
Added a pseudo User-Agent: header

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