NewsBro 2.4.0 review

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NewsBro project is a web application providing usenet news service

License: Free for non-commercial use
File size: 266K
Developer: Michael Bergknoff
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NewsBro project is a web application providing usenet news service. It provides support for multiple users accessing multiple news groups via multiple news servers.

Here are some key features of "NewsBro":
web-based Usenet access
full-featured news reader
multi-user access with individual profiles
one click filtered access to all images within a newsgroup
multi-server binary file support
XFace support
yEnc decoder
stand-alone and Java servlet versions
News RC File
Header and article caching
NZB support
XPAT threading
Binary file harvesting
Watch List for monitoring followups
RSS feed for each group
Configurable threads list

Java runtime with version 1.4 or later

What's New in This Release:
Configurable Threads Display

Both the threads screen (action Threader) and the single thread screen (action=Tree) can be configured with optional fields. Besides displaying the article's subject the From, Lines and Date headers can be displayed. For the Threader action the count of articles within the thread can also be displayed. See the configuration help file for more details.
There is now a style sheet (css/Tree.css) that can be used to select link colors for read, filtered and missing articles.

Rss Feeds

NewsBro can be configured to provide an RSS feed for any news group. After enabling the feed the orange icon will be displayed by the browser when threads in the group are displayed.

Harvest Changes

A new configuration variable Auto thread threshold can be used to control how threading is done on backup servers when harvesting multupart articles. See the multiserver help file for details.

Navigation Changes

Navigation buttons can be configured at the top of the page as well as the bottom of the page. There are now navigation buttons for "next article in thread" as well as "next thread". An "entire thread" button appears on the thread display as well as the article display.

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