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Unlike ordinary debuggers, NightStar LX doesn't leave you stranded in the dark

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Developer: Concurrent Computer Corporation
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Unlike ordinary debuggers, NightStar LX doesn't leave you stranded in the dark. It's more than just a debugger, it's a whole suite of integrated diagnostic tools designed for time-critical Linux applications to reduce test time, increase productivity and lower costs. You can debug, monitor, analyze and tune with minimal intrusion, so you see real execution behavior. And that's positively illuminating.

NightStar is being used by Concurrent's customers running RedHawk Linux for years and now the tools are available on standard Red Hat Linux.

Time-critical applications require debugging tools that can handle the complexities of multiple processors, multitask interaction and multithreading. NightStar LX advanced features enable system builders to solve difficult problems quickly. The same tools proven by the automotive, aerospace and defense industries are now available to you.

All tools include context-sensitive, on-line documentation. Help is available by simply clicking on the tool feature being used. NightStar LX is available on any Intel P4, Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron system running Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4. Supported languages include C, C++ and Fortran compiled with either GNU or Intel compilers.

NightStar LX users can choose between two modes of operation - standard or enhanced. Standard mode operates with the standard Red Hat kernel. Enhanced mode takes advantage of NightStar LX kernel enhancements that empower tool features such as conditional breakpoints that run at application speed and Linux kernel tracing.

Here are some key features of "NightStar LX":
Deterministic debugging, monitoring, tracing and tuning
Ideal for time-critical applications
Easy-to-use graphical user interface
Support for any mix of GNU and Intel C/C++ and Fortran tasks
Self-hosted or remote target system operation
Comprehensive on-line help facilities

NightView Source-level Debugger

- Multi-system, multi-processor, multi-process, multi-thread debugging via single interface
- Hot patches including breakpoints, monitorpoint and watchpoints
- Application speed conditions
- Dynamic memory debugging
- Modification and display of variables during execution

NightTrace Event Analyzer

- Synchronized graphical or text display of system and application activity
- User-defined event logging in single or multi-thread applications
- Red Hat event logging including system calls
- Data analysis API

NightProbe Data Monitor

- Unintrusive sampling and recording of program data
- Synchronous and asynchronous data capture
- Flexible data display features
- Sampling, recording and replay APIs

NightTune Performance Tuner

- Dynamic display of system and application performance
- Monitoring of CPU use, memory paging and network operation
- Interactive control of processes, priorities, policies and interrupts
- Dynamic CPU affinity control for processes, threads and interrupts

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