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Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dan Cahill
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Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C. Null Webmail is platform-independent and supports more than 25 different languages.

It's small, fast, complete, and a breeze to install and use.

Null Webmail is Free Software, and is available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

This webmail interface uses cleartext passwords in its cookies. If security is a concern, it is STRONGLY recommended that you use Null Webmail on a web server which supports https.

When making a hyperlink to Null Webmail, be sure to include a trailing / after the name of the cgi. If you include it, the cgi will remember most of your settings via the cookie stored on the client browser. Without it, the cgi will not receive these settings from the user when the login page is accessed.


The first step in installing Null Webmail is to open the file 'config.h' with a text editor, and make any configuration changes you wish to make. Some of the available options are; default host names, language, colours, frames/no frames and return address host name. Odds are, you won't have to change any of these for Null Webmail to work, however, some changes (like changing the default host names) may make Null Webmail easier to use.

Once you have finished configuring Null Webmail, type 'make'. This will make the file 'webmail.cgi'. Copy this file to a CGI enabled directory in your web server. You will probably want to copy the 'webmail' subdirectory to the root of your web server's htdocs directory.

As of 0.7.0, almost all options in config.h can be overridden by making sure a 'webmail.cfg' file is in the same directory as the cgi.

Incidentally, renaming the cgi file shouldn't break anything. You may even prefer a different name for it.

What's New in This Release:
fixed mangled message-ids in outgoing mail
removed redundant galician translation

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