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Nuxeo Runtime is the foundation of the Nuxeo 5 infrastructure

License: Eclipse Public License
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Developer: Nuxeo
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Nuxeo Runtime is the foundation of the Nuxeo 5 infrastructure. Nuxeo Runtime handles deployment and extensibility of components to target platforms.

This component allows the whole Nuxeo 5 infrastructure to be easily ported between Java platforms (Java EE, OSGi, etc.) and features an easy plug-in mechanism that any component can use to declare extension points that can be used by other components to extend the former one.

Nuxeo Runtime uses the OSGi component model and a set of adapters to deploy POJO-based components to Java host platforms, such as Eclipse/Equinox, JBoss or JOnAS. When deployed, NXRuntime components are actual host platform components.

For example on JBoss, the component is seen as a MBean while when deployed on Geronimo it’s seen as a GBean and on Eclipse it’s seen as a native Eclipse plug-in. In short, Nuxeo Runtime offers a new and seamless way to make your Java EE applications and components extensible (as Eclipse developers are used to).

Nuxeo Runtime provides the following services:

Deploy and register component either “the component” or “components” on the host platform
Services/Components localization
Dynamic extension/plug-in mechanism

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