NVIDIA Gelato 2.0R5 review

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NVIDIA Gelato application rendering software brings high-quality rendering to the masses

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 65847K
Developer: NVIDIA Corporation
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NVIDIA Gelato application rendering software brings high-quality rendering to the masses. A hardware-accelerated, non-real-time renderer, Gelato allows you to use your NVIDIA GPU to create stunning images fast.

Originally designed for the creation of 3D visual effects and animation in feature films, Gelato can be used by anyone with NVIDIA hardware to create images of the very highest quality.

It's Fast

Gelato is a software program that leverages the NVIDIA GPU as a floating point math processor. This allows Gelato to render images faster than comparable renderers, but without the quality limitations traditionally associated with real-time graphics processing on the GPU.

It’s Free

Yes, Gelato is available free of charge. Now students, freelancers, startups, and small studios can take advantage of a high-end renderer with the capabilities of renderers costing thousands of dollars.

It’s Full Featured

If you require extra power in your 3D rendering pipeline, you can upgrade to Gelato Pro. With Gelato Pro you get the features required for production rendering:

NVIDIA Sorbetto interactive relighting technology
DSO shadeops
Network parallel rendering
Native 64-bit support
Maintenance and support from NVIDIA’s High-Quality-Rendering Team

Gelato Pro is available for purchase for US$1500 per node, including the first year of maintenance and support.

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