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Oak::Web::HTML::A is a HTML tag (Container)

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 21K
Developer: Daniel Ruoso
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Oak::Web::HTML::A is a HTML tag (Container). A Container to hold objects inside an A tag.

Perl Oak Component Tree - Web Interface Components. This package brings the Web Component library, used to create web interfaces to your applications. See also the Forest Web Application Builder, a tool that uses this module.

The Perl Oak Component tree is a implementation of a complete framework for designing enterprise applications.

Base patterns for OOP (liboak-perl)
Interface development (liboak-web-perl and future liboak-gtk-perl,
liboak-tk-perl, liboak-qt-perl)
Business Control (liboak-perl, liboak-controller-entityhelper-perl)
Data Management (packages liboak-io-dbi-perl, libfiler-dbi-perl,
Authentication and Authorization (liboak-aas-perl,
liboak-aas-service-dbi-perl, liboak-aas-service-dbinpam-perl)
Distributed System (liboak-soap-perl)
System Configuration (liboak-filer-xml-perl, liboak-io-config-perl)
Logging (liboak-io-log-perl, liboak-io-log-syslog-perl)


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