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Object Extensions for PHP provides several classes that add runtime object extension and callbacks to the language

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Object Extensions for PHP provides several classes that add runtime object extension and callbacks to the language. Object Extensions for PHP allows the programmer to add methods and properties to an object at runtime by dynamically extending by another object.

It also allows the creation of object property lists that allow for dynamic setting/getting of values in a fashion similar to JavaScript objects. These object property lists support basic value checking.

The Object Extensions library for PHP adds the following functionality to objects that extend the base class:

- Runtime object extension to "extend" an object by another class at runtime (to virtually inherit all public properties and methods).
- Runtime callback definitions to be able to pass function/method callbacks as variables, and subsequently execute them from other function/methods.
- Dynamic object properties class to handle runtime setting/getting of object properties, as well as ability to pass function arguments as object-based parameters rather than long list of options.


- Base class (CExtendable) implements a _extend() function by which you may vritually extend an object by an instance of another object.
- Extended object (object passed to _extend) can reference parent object if supported by extended class.
- __get, __set and __call are all overriden to handle overriding undefined properties and methods
- Ability to reference a callback in a straightforward manner ($object->_callback()->method(args, [...]))


- Can create callbacks directly (through CCallback and derived classes)
- Can create method callbacks by calling _callback() method on CExtendable objects
- When combined with object extension and object properties, can provide a really easy way to execute callbacks.


- Base class extends ArrayIterator, all properties saved in an array
- Basic functionality to check values provided and/or set default values.
- Overrides __get, __set to get/set object properties.
- Can limit property set-tability to existing properties only, or to provided array of properties.
- Can enable read-only mode.
- Overrides __call, and in the case that the a property value with the same name as the method name exists, and is an instance of the ICallback interface, this callback is executed.


Object Extensions for PHP uses PHP5 functionality. It would be theoretically possible to implement similar functionality into PHP4, however, since I no longer develop in PHP4, I cannot properly test it.

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