OBPkg 0.8.0 review

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OBPkg is a GTK2+ based frontend for the OpenBSD ports/package system

License: BSD License
File size: 19K
Developer: Steffen Wendzel
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OBPkg is a GTK2+ based frontend for the OpenBSD ports/package system. It is like Ubuntu's synaptic.

OBPkg program supports local ports and packages, as well as packages located on FTP servers. It also supports 'universe' packages (unofficial packages produced by other people).

OBPkg is easy to use. You can setup your configuration in the config file /etc/obpkg.conf. You specify all package sources in this file.

To use an local directory (e.g. from your OpenBSD CD-ROM or NFS), use the pkg_local keyword followed by the path. For Example:


To mount a FTP directory use official_pkg_ftp for official package mirrors and universe_pkg_ftp for inofficial package mirrors. The syntax is keyword=Host,Path,Username,Password

For example, if you want to add the OpenBSD-3.9 packages for i386, use:


Here is another example:


NOTE: This release does not support login+password for the package adding. It only supports downloading packages with user+password. But since pkg_add does not support authentication, the adding does not work and I still work on the additional code.

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