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OFBiz Neogia is an ERP solution based on the OFBiz framework. The free software and open source ERP solution OFBiz Neogia leans on O

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OFBiz Neogia is an ERP solution based on the OFBiz framework.

The free software and open source ERP solution OFBiz Neogia leans on OFBiz ERP sturdy technical foundations (project launched since 2001), a set of technical and business components well known for their high coverage, flexibility and great sturdy.

OFBiz Neogia is a integrated business solution specifically conceived to answer to business needs of rapidly expanding SMEs. OFBiz Neogia solution covers finance, supply chain management (including production management and distribution), CRM (including marketing, sales, after-sales and service management) as well as e-commerce.

Available on every J2EE solutions and every SGDB, OFBiz Neogia runs under Microsoft Windows and under every Unixes supporting Java including Linux.

OFBiz Neogia adpats itself to your growth and to evolutions of your activity by letting you fire the best part of your time and of your resources. You can now rationalise your activity and increase your activity.

Neogia comes as a set of add-on component for OFBiz the enteprise application framework. Neogia is a complete ERP solution. Neogia doesn't aim to replace the OFBiz framework. It needs a full OFBiz installation to work except for the code generators. Neogia provides 3 types of component :

Functional componant (or business component). These components can be are integrated in OFBiz as new components or replacing an existing OFBiz component (or sub-component).
- manufacturing : replace the OFBiz existing component, It's a complete refactorization of it, a UML class diagram dedicated and a complete new coding.
- facility : replace the stock management OFBiz component, picking and shipment management are not included in neogia, we continu to use the OFbiz sub-components. Neogia-Facility inclue a full Physical Inventory component. This component has been build after a refactorization of the data modele with the UML modelization to be able to manage Stock Event releazed and planned.
- accounting : replace the OFBiz existing sub-componentl, for General ledger and controling entries. UML class diagram est new. Payement management continu to be manage by ofbiz.
- servicemgnt : new component to manage all service activities or project activities. UML class diagram est new.

add-on to existing Ofbiz Component for Neogia components access. The associated UML class diagram describe the OFBiz entity and their association with the Neogia component.
- common : used to manage all the enumeration and status neogia attribue, (technically managed in the OFBiz entity Enum and Status)
- content : used to unified development rules et manage the multi-language String Neogia attribue.
- order : used to access order header and item.
- party : used to access Party, RoleType, PartyRole and Communication entities.
- product : used to acess Product and for managing integration between OFBiz ad Neogia-Facility.

A technical component, used to generate most of the OFBiz files from UML class diagram. With generation you can have a better object approach because one object is available for each entity, you can generalized the OFBiz best practice because all the generated file use its.

All file developed are realized as extend of the generated file so it's possible to regenerate the file when a new technology or best practice appair.

What's New in This Release:
Initial support for recurrent communications was added in the party manager application.
The ability to display party classification in a tree was added.
Production run components management was reviewed.
A new action for price rules was created, so another ProductPriceType can be chosen.
phantom product management in BOM.
The shipping print document (i.e. DeliveryBill and transport SSCC label) was reviewed and validated.
Sale invoice was integrated in accounting.

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