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offmirror is a utility for mirroring a tree of files

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 52K
Developer: Dmitry Fedorov
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offmirror is a utility for mirroring a tree of files. Unlike other mirroring tools, it works offline and does not require a network or some kind of direct connect between the source and the destination.

offmirror makes it possible to place all the data that is needed to synchronize a file tree onto a removable storage medium. offmirror project works with regular files, directories, symbolic links, and special files.

What's New in This Release:
update my e-mail
new shtool version
mirrorer script contributed by Konstantin L. Metlov
Do not use Exporter and its vars -- nothing to export

handling special characters in file names transparently

bug fixed: user/group name pattern is not just perl word w


Standard installation:

[fakeroot] [g]make test

[g]make install [PREFIX=/usr/local]

[g]make uninstall [PREFIX=/usr/local]

Note 1: Optional command parts are enclosed to brackets '[]'.

Note 2: GNU make required. If default 'make' in your system is not
GNU make use 'gmake' command instead of 'make'. Of course, GNU make
must be installed anyway.

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