Ogham 0.1.2 review

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Ogham is designed to be a wiki like cms for non technical users

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 198K
Developer: Sean O'Donnell
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Ogham is designed to be a wiki like cms for non technical users. The emphasis is on ease of use over features. Non technical users have difficulty with any markup language so I felt a WYSIWYG editor was essential.

Word users find wiki syntax and the automatic generation of links to be annoying so I have replaced this with a tree structure for navigation and easy linking within the site.
Ogham has currently been tested on linux and windows servers and with the firefox 1.0+, IE 6 and Konqueror 3.3.2 browsers.

Its highly unlikely that it will work bug free with any other browsers, but I am working on support for Safari. In KHTML (Konqueror & Safari) based browsers WYSIWYG editing has only recently become available and I am working to support them.

This system has been ported to Snakelets after initially being developed with webware. Snakelets has the advantage of an integrated webserver and better documentation (IMHO). A large part of its advantage may simply have been that it resembles tomcat and I come from a java background.

What's New in This Release:
Now runs on windows without modification
Fixed issues with popup menu with in navigation tree
Upgraded to Snakelets 1.42
Size issues with some popups should now be resolved.
Ogham now has a subversion repository at https://svn.odonnell.nu/public/ogham
Authentication Added
Internet Explorer now works accross the board
No longer get error messages when editing pages with images Thanks to Jason Mosely for the bug report
Javascript tree now works across IE,KHTML and NETSCAPE
Deleting pages is now handled gracefully if another user has already deleted the page

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