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OpenCT implements drivers for several smart card readers

License: BSD License
File size: 655K
Developer: OpenSC Developers
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OpenCT implements drivers for several smart card readers. OpenCT comes as driver in ifdhandler format for PC/SC-Lite, as CT-API driver, or as a small and lean middleware, so applications can use it with minimal overhead. OpenCT also has a primitive mechanism to export smart card readers to remote machines via tcp/ip.

OpenCT was written by an international team and is licensed as Open Source software under the LGPL license. For a list of all authors and contributers as well as detailed license information see AuthorsAndCredits.

generic USB CCID driver
Towitoko readers and compatibles
Schlumberger/Axalto e-gate tokens
Aladdin eToken PRO
Rainbow iKey 3000
PertoSmart USB and Serial (ACS AC-1030)
PertoSmart EMV and ACS ACR38U
Smartmouse/Phoenix driver
WB Electronics' Infinity USB Unlimited

Not well tested:
Eutron "CryptoIdentity" ITSEC-I/P
Gemplus Readers
Rainbow iKey 2032
Kobil Kaan Professional and Telesec B1
Cherry Smartboard

What's New in This Release:
Compiling on non-Linux systems was fixed.
Three compiler/sparse warnings were removed.

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