Osqoop 1.0.0 review

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Osqoop is an open source software oscilloscope

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 438K
Developer: Stephane Magnenat & Rene Beuchat
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Osqoop is an open source software oscilloscope. Osqoop project features an arbitrary number of channels and long acquisition durations. Signal processing and external peripherals control is possible through a plugin architecture.

Data sources are plugins as well. Osqoop is a multi-platform program (tested on Linux and Windows), based on Qt 4.

Here are some key features of "Osqoop":
Arbitrary number of channels and acquisition durations (required memory = nbChannels * nbSamples * 2)
Data sources as plugins:
Externals or software
Examples and writing guide provided
Signal processing through plugins:
Control of external hardware possible
Examples and writing guide provided
Save and load of plugins configurations
Modular architecture, documented C++ code
Trigger support
Simple, automatic, none
Up slope, down slope, both
Rich display
Points or lines
Zoom on part of the signal
Instant freeze on key press
Permanent mode with progressive fadeout

Qt 4

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