Overnet 0.53.3 review

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Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files

License: Freeware
File size: 392K
Developer: MetaMachine
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Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files. It was a standalone application but we have now EDonkey and overnet are the same application.

Here are some key features of "Overnet":
Elegant easy to use interface
International versions. Now available in many languages
Share and Download any type of file.
Downloads are automatically continued from session to session.
Completely distributed and self organizing network. No central servers.
Horde Anti-leeching system (see side bar)
Multiple source downloads. Download a file from several different users at once.
Network wide searches (see side bar)
Support for other download protocols such as http and bittorrent
Private messaging
Simultaneous uploading and downloading of the same file. Providing the fastest distribution of files possible.
Dynamic ports. eDonkey can be configured to run over any port.
Plugin System
ed2k links. You can embed links in webpages that will initiate downloads within eDonkey.
Statistics. Keep track of how much your client is sending and receiving
Multiple search tab interface
Automatic fake file detection
Catalogs. Allow you to verify content before you download it. They are like distributed web pages.

What's New in This Release:
Create all new files in 00644 mode (no need to make them executable)

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