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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 409K
Developer: trisz
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Package Wizard is a very useful tool that creates rpm, Debian and Slackware packages.

You need to install the Kommander (1.1) before:

(it is the part of the kdewebdev3 package on SUSE),

and the checkinstall utility:

The general rpm, Debian and Slackware package includes a service menu, so you can start it from the KDE context menu (section Actions).


- Define alternetive for gcc and qt.
- Improve the check function before checkinstall.

Known bugs:

- After qmake, the file list display is not refreshed.
- The error messages are not redirected to the integrated konsole during ./configure.
- The error detection after compilation is not complete.
- Some problems maybe present for non-root users.
- Time stamp problems (during checkinstall) may be present on old rpm based systems.

What's New in This Release:
The error detection after compilation is complete.
Sound effects added.
Simplified checkinstall/debhelper frontend.
New buttons: Make clean, remove the directory debian/ from the source.

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