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PackRat is a compact, minimalist personal information manager

License: Freeware
File size: 50K
Developer: Stewart Allen
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PackRat is a compact, minimalist personal information manager.

PackRat's goal is to store and retrieve contact, account and other personal private information on a USB stick and be able to access it from any machine without dependencies on installed applications or operating system.

Create, modify and enter data into tables. Search, highlight and view data with custom views. PackRat is a small, stand-alone executable jar file that will run anywhere a 1.4 or newer Java VM is installed.


The text box in the upper left corner of the application has multiple uses.

1. type in text and hit < enter > to filter the view to rows containing the text
2. the text in this field is used for adding or renaming tables, views or columns.

The 'X' button clears the search and also re-sorts the rows based on your sort criteria.
The 'View' button allows you to add, rename, delete or switch views on the current table.
The 'Table' button allows you to add, rename, delete or switch tables.
Click a column to sort by it's contents. Click again to reverse the sort.
Right-click a column to add, rename, delete or hide a column.
Double-click a cell to edit it's contents (or just start typing with it selected).
Right-click a cell to add a row 'color key'. Rows will be colored if the column contains the value in the current field.
The '+' button adds a new row.
The '*' button duplicates the currently selected row.
The '-' button deletes the currently selected row.
Use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste cell contents.
Use Ctrl-P to print a table view.
Drag and drop columns to re-order.
Resize columns to best fit the current data view.

Views preserve column order, size and search and sort criteria as well as row color keys.

Your data will be stored in a file called 'Noisy.bmp' in the same directory as the jar. It will look like a square icon filled with noise when viewed as a bitmap. Why not.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
CSV file import and export was added along with more key shortcuts and a fix for a problem with table columns losing widths when adding, renaming, and deleting.
A column deletion bug that kept deleted columns in the 'show' list was also fixed.

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