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Pandora is a simple web document and application platform written in Ruby

License: Other/Proprietary License
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Developer: Julian Kamil
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Pandora is a simple web document and application platform written in Ruby. Pandora Publisher aims to make it easy for a team of people to quickly collaborate on the network and develop custom document components and extensions to meet their specific needs.

Here are some key features of "Pandora Publisher":
Easy to install and maintain

Just unpack the package archive and run under Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The only prerequisite is Ruby, which you can install following these instructions.

Simple, extensible, and powerful

Pandora does not require any relational database, but it lets you build your own web applications that can use databases with Ruby and Pandora Box object-oriented application framework.

Textile and Silk Veil formatting for site contents

There is no need to code web pages in HTML with Pandora. Instead, just use Textile and Silk Veil, which are almost as easy to learn as plain text formatting.

Portable web site contents

Pandora site contents are stored in a simple format that can be exported, zipped, moved, and viewed anywhere with its built in web server.

User selectable page design and templates

You can easily customize the appearance of your Pandora site by creating new skins with Ruby, HTML, and CSS.

Integrated user account management functions

Pandora comes with a built-in user account management functions that perform automated email verification and support a manual or automated registration approval process.

What's New in This Release:
A new way to delete existing pages and chapters, a recent changes page, a default sidebar for new books, a trail path attachment indicator, and iconified file links were added.
A defect that caused an exception when a book is deleted was fixed.
The documentation was edited.

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