Pathan 1.2r2 review

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Pathan is an XPath processing library

License: BSD License
File size: 191K
Developer: DecisionSoft Limited
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Pathan is an XPath processing library. Pathan library is written in C++, and uses the Xerces-C DOM XML Parser by the Apache Foundation.

The Pathan project incorporates Pathan 1, implementing the W3C XPath 1 recommendation, and Pathan 2, implementing the W3C XPath 2 draft specification.

Pathan has been developed jointly by DecisionSoft, Sleepycat Software , Stylus Studio and Parthenon Computing .

What's New in This Release:
Moved to Xerces 2.3
Improvements to the performance optimizations
Bug Fix: the ID function (fn:id()) was not working properly.
Bug Fix: the '//' axis was acting on the current context item as opposed to the root document.
Memory Leak fixes. Many thanks to SleepyCat Software for providing these.

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