PEAR::Services_Weather 1.4.0 review

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License: The PHP License
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Developer: Alexander Wirtz
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Services_Weather searches for given locations and retrieves current weather data and, dependent on the used service, also forecasts.

Up to now, GlobalWeather from CapeScience, Weather XML from EJSE (US only), a XOAP service from and METAR/TAF from NOAA are supported.

Further services will get included, if they become available, have a usable API and are properly documented.

What's New in This Release:
The license was changed to a BSD-style license to accomodate for Debian requests.
PEAR 1.4 compatibility was added by using the file package2.xml.
Various minor bugfixes were made, especially in the METAR code.
HTTP_Request is now almost exclusively used to retrieve HTTP or SOAP-based information.
Calculation of sunrise/sunset times was added for METAR.
METAR now features an icon to represent the current conditions.
Caching of data was improved.

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