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Penrose project is a virtual directory server

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: SafeHaus Team
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Penrose project is a virtual directory server. A Virtual Directory technology is a fairly new approach for centralizing and reducing the amount of directories needed without the problems of physical data migration.

Instead of creating new identity repositories, virtual directory handles identity queries on a case-by-case basis, drawing the required, authorized data (and only the required data) in real time from its native repositories around a network and presenting it to an enterprise application as needed.

Virtual Directory eases deployments of Identity management solution, reduces political fights over data ownership and changes how corporate data is being managed.

Here are some key features of "Penrose":
Namespace conversion, attribute value modifications, schema adaptations
Adapters to Active Directory, LDAP and JDBC back-end.
Join-engine allows attribute transformation via beanShell scripting (JSR 274).
GUI-based administration and mapping Tool based on eclipse RCP 3.1 platform
Direct browsing of LDAP and RDBMS-based information to provide easy-to-use mapping.
Live preview of your virtual directory.
Remote management via JMX (JSR 160)

100% Java.
Run stand-alone as a backend for ApacheDS and OpenLDAP.
Run embedded in your application
Flexible Access Control
Conversion and manipulation of Attribute values
High performance join and cache engine
Data encryption using Bouncy Castle
Supports resource connectors for JDBC/SQL, JNDI/LDAP, Active Directory.
Remote management via JMX.
Extensible via plug-ins.

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