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Perl5webdb is a perl CGI debugger

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 18K
Developer: Cybozu Labs, Inc.
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Perl5webdb is a perl CGI debugger. By using PERL5WEBDB, you can debug CGI scripts visually through your web browser.

It is very easy to install. Just untar the archive, and run the configuration script. Once the apache server has been restarted, everything becomes ready.

When your debugger window is open, your HTTP requests will automatically be trapped and become attached to the debugger. When the debugger window is closed, your scripts will run as normal.

Here are some key features of "Perl5webdb":
CGI Debugger with GUI
Runs on your Web Browser
Easy to Install
Automatic (dis)activation of the debugger


% tar xzf perl5webdb-0.01.tar.gz
% cd perl5webdb-0.01
% bin/ `pwd` $port $user $pass >> /$apache_conf_dir/httpd.conf
% apachectl restart

For $port, supply a TCP port number. The port will be used by perl5webdb for internal communication. For $user and $pass, supply a username and password you want to use for accessing the debugger.

Install PadWalker module from CPAN, if possible. Perl5webdb relies on PadWalker to inspect variables.


To open the debugger, access http://yourhost/webdb/.
While the debugger window is open within your web browser, requests made by the same browser will be trapped by the debugger. If you close the debugger window, the CGIs will run as normal.


What's New in This Release:
Support for debugging within BEGIN blocks was added.
STDERR outputs are now displayed correctly.

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