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PETALS is an ObjectWeb Java Business Integration (JBI) platform

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 19764K
Developer: Adrien LOUIS
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PETALS is an ObjectWeb Java Business Integration (JBI) platform. PETALS provides lightweight and packaged integration solutions, based on JSR-208 specifications, with a high focus on distribution and clustering.

PETALS is part of ObjectWeb ESB initiative, and was launched in June 2005 by EBM WebSourcing and Fossil E-Commerce.

The project leverages ObjectWeb architecture and projects like Fractal, JORAM, JOnAS to provide a JBI container with a focus on :

JBI specification conformance
Integrate JBI in JOnAS
Multi JVM, distributed and clustered platform for JBI components with native transport based on existing ObjectWeb middleware : JORAM and Dream
Propose packaged solutions for process orchestration (with focus on BPEL engine, Transformation engine, Web Services and JMS binding components) and B2B integration (with focus on Transformation and B2B binding components like EDI, ...)

What's New in This Release:
This release introduces Ant tasks, recovering capability, and management of synchronous sends.
It is distributed with SOAP, fileTransfert, and mail Binding Components.

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