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phpxmms is a web front end to a running XMMS/Icecast server

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 64K
Developer: Jeff Hrycak and J.P. Pasnak
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phpxmms is a web front end to a running XMMS/Icecast server. It allows users to skip, pause, play and add songs remotely.

phpxmms also supports 'skins' and will work from any computer with an internet connection.

PHP 4 +
XMMS 1.2.4 (with xmms-shell)


1. untar the contents of phpxmms-1.x.tar.gz into a directory under your web

2. Change the following variables in config.php:

$predir --> This is your mp3 directory
$tuser --> This is the user XMMS runs as
$thost --> This is box running XMMS
$ntheme --> Theme name (default is chaos)

3. In order for phpxmms to function, the web user must be able to execute the
commands, so add a '.rhosts' file to the direcory of the user XMMS runs as (ie:
/home/user/.rhost). A sample '.rhosts' file is in the archive as '.rhosts.samp'. The format is 'host user-apache-runs-as'.

4. Go to http://localhost/phpxmms-1.x/ and click on 'Launch'

5. You can strip the info out of phpxmms-1.x/index.html , and insert it into
your own page, if you like. I'd also recommend adding a .htaccess file, so not
everyone can switch songs, or delete your playlist.

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