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PikView is an image viewer which uses the KDE libraries

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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PikView is an image viewer which uses the KDE libraries.

It can read the following image types: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, NetPBM, and, via the (optional) ImageMagick library, PSD, TGA, EPS, PICT, DCX, PCX, MIF, BMP, VIFF, and PNM. It also supports asynchronous preloading, zooming, thumbnails (cachable), rapid image filing, fullscreen, printing, slideshow, and flicker-free repainting.

Here are some key features of "PikView":
PikView can read the following image types: png, jpeg, tiff, gif, netpbm (and via the ImageMagick library - eps, pict, dcx, pcx, mif, bmp, viff, pnm)
Fast image display: an asynchronous image loader pre-loads images before they are required.
Drag and drop image moving and copying
Konqueror embedding - view images with PikView to/from Konqueror (Zoom, Pan, Rotate etc)
Image zooming with out extreme memory usage
Watches for updates to directories
Sophisticated thumbnail management
Thumbnails cached in database files
Command-line thumbnail creation
Highspeed JPEG thumbnail creation
Rapid Filing of image files: images can be filed into directories by user definable shortcuts
Fullscreen mode
Slideshow mode
Efficient, flicker free repainting
Image rotation and mirroring

KDE. If you have KDE installed then chances are that PikView will compile on your platform. The only other required library is the pthreads library. The ImageMagick library is optional and provides support for loading several image types (see above).

What's New in This Release:
Executable name change (see above)
Internationalized the code (i18n). Translations welcome
Mouse wheel can be used to select next/previous image
Mouse wheel can be used to scale the image (wth Ctrl key)
Added mouse panning
Fixes relating to building with recent versions of ImageMagick

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