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Playlist - CD Cover is a perl script that generates nice printable CD Covers using TeX

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 100K
Developer: carstenjahn
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Playlist - CD Cover is a perl script that generates nice printable CD Covers using TeX. You can use custom designs by creating your own templates.

Perl-QT, TeX, dvips and kghostview are required. Please read the README file.

The script is still experimental -- feel free to send me enhancements or corrections.

xterm - for running other commands and displaying their output
latex - TeX executable
dvips - to convert a TeX DVI output to postscript
kghostview - to display the generated postscript file
kwrite - to display the generated TeX file and TeX's log file

playlist-cdcover could determine alternatives if commands are not found, e.g. for kghostview or xterm. This is currently not implemented. Feel free to adapt the perl code to your needs or code a solution that reads a configuration file.

Installing the CD Cover document class for LaTeX:

The TeX typesetting system and the cd-cover document style are both required for running the cdcover-latex amarok script!

Install TeTeX (e.g. with Debian: 'aptitude install tetex-base')

The cd-cover archive is supplied, and also available from

Read the cd-cover/README for installation.

If you don't know where to put the generated cd-cover.cls, try to find article.cls on your system ('locate article.cls').

Copy cd-cover.sty to e.g. /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/

TeTeX does not scan all of its directories automatically, it uses an index. Update the index any time you make modifications to the tex directories. This can be done with the command 'texhash'.

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