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PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Anton Raharja
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PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System. PlaySMS can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools.

Here are some key features of "PlaySMS":
Multiple database engine supported (using PEAR DB)
Available for shared database usage (tables using its own prefix)
Send SMS to single mobile phone (web2mobile)
Send SMS broadcasted (bulk SMS) to a group of mobile phones (web2mobiles)
Support sending flash and unicode message
Receive private SMS to Inbox (mobile2web)
Forward single SMS from mobile phone to a group of mobile phones (mobile2mobiles)
SMS autoreply, for easy autoreplying formatted incoming SMS
SMS board, forward received SMS to email,html and/or xml page
SMS command, execute server side shell script using SMS
SMS custom, forward incoming SMS to custom SMS application
SMS poll, manage polling system using SMS
Simple webservices for sending SMS and retrieving delivery reports (ws.php)
Create your own gateway module other than Gnokii, Kannel or sms server Clickatell
Easy webbased control panel

Minimum Required Hardware
Web server hardware (Equal to at least Pentium III 733 MHz, 128 MB RAM)
Disk freespace for software and data disk at least 10 MB

Minimum Required Software
Operating System *NIX based (Linux preferred)
Web Server (Apache preferred
Database Server MySQL 4.x.x or latest stable release (
PHP 4.3.10 or latest stable release with mysql module enabled and CGI/CLI version (
Access to SMTP server (ability to send email via SMTP server)

Minimum Required Server Operator (or Developer)
Understand howto make sure installed PHP has MySQL module enabled (phpinfo)
Understand howto create/drop MySQL database
Understand howto insert SQL statement into created database
Understand the meaning of installing PlaySMS as 'root'
Understand howto install php application package without 'root' access (if needed)
Always find reading README, INSTALL, FAQ and other docs as a fun activity :)

What's New in This Release:
Add all incoming sms without known keyword/code inserted to user 'admin' inbox
Add new feature multi-session login
Fix age calculation procedure, move it to $apps_path[incs]/admin/commoncustomcmd.php
Fix clickatell gateway module on callback.php (tested on two-way sms)
Fix when logged in as normal user cant see created autoreply scenario
Fix autoreply unable to reply requests
Change playsmsd from bash shell script to php script

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