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License: ZPL (Zope Public License)
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Developer: Eric Brehault
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Plomino is a ZOPE/Plone product that allows you to build business applications in a Lotus Domino-like way.

Using Plone-specific screens (nothing is done through the ZMI), users can design databases to handle documents with multiple forms and views.

Plomino supports user-defined actions, access control lists, a WYSIWYG form edition, an index, events, computed fields, and user roles.

With Lotus Domino, a user can easily design databases able to handle very different business needs (knwoledge management, project management, collaborative workplaces, etc.).

What is missing in Plone/ZOPE to handle that ? Mainly the following points:

be able to create new structured content types, more specific than the core CMF types
be able to build differents views to list the same contents in different ways
be able to display content through dynamic forms

That is what Plomino aims to do.

Plomino is an opensource solution, distributed under ZPL (ZOPE Public License).

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