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Developer: zootzoner
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Pocket PC MPlayer Controller is a client-server package that will allow you to use your pocket pc as a remote controller for MPlayer.

MPlayer is a movie player which runs on many operating systems.

mplayer >= 1.0pre8
gtk2 >= 2.8.20-1
gtk2-devel >= 2.8.20-1
mlocate >= 0.14

Source Configuration:

Before compiling you must edit the file linux-desktop-server.h and change line 32 to fit to your needs.

line 32 : int PORT=10000; // change to a free TCP port that the server will listen on.

Optional MPlayer Settings:

See line 402 in file linux-desktop-server-threads.h to make adjustments to the mplayer process.

Source Compilation:

An example compilation script is provided in the server-linux-desktop directory, 'compile.sh'.

$sh compile.sh

This will create the linux server binary 'ldmcs'.

To start the linux desktop server just run ./ldmcs


What's New in This Release:
It is now possible to connect to an IP address as well as a domain name.
The memory leak that occurred after repeatable movie list updates has been fixed.
The scan alert message when performing an update of the movie list has been fixed.
The MPlayer TCP Port, MPlayer Path, and MPlayer Video Output must now be specified on the command line instead of being hard-coded into the Linux server.
Initial alpha release of the Windows server.

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