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POWA intends to be a program to operate a Webcam

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 111K
Developer: Olivier G. Boutin
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POWA intends to be a program to operate a Webcam. It supports live video, snapshot taking (with a timer or with a button), and more. # Notes: I've had reports that the cameras using the 'pwc' driver (Philips) don't work with POWA. I intend to fix it soon but I need a test camera since I don't have such an object.

I've coded this program with my webcam (Creative Webcam 3) and the video stream works for me. I would like to make a list of working webcams and add support for webcams that doesn't work yet. So, if you have a webcam and you have problems with POWA, send me an email explaining the problem, or better, make a patch to make it work and send it to me.

I want to thanks Damien Sandras (GnomeMeeting) who gave me some hints.

Well that's it. It should compile with the typical "./configure ; make ; make install". I've had problems to get the installation working. So if you go into some bugs there, don't hesitate to contact me.

POWA takes one optional argument at the command line for now, the device file (e.g. powa /dev/video1). By default, POWA will try to use the /dev/video0 device file.

Here are some key features of "POWA":
A simple and intuitive GUI with streaming video input
Picture saving on the filesystem (via ImageMagick, supports over 60 file formats)
Snapshot annotation with text
Snapshot timer

What's New in This Release:
At last a new release !
New feature: Picture annotation with text
New feature: Timer to take a picture every X seconds
Some graphical enhancements

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