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PoWeb aims at providing a Web PO file editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Olivier Sala?n
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PoWeb aims at providing a Web PO file editor. PO files are used by the standard GNU gettext libraries. The development was started to meet the needs of the Sympa project.


PoWeb uses the Locale::PO CPAN module to parse PO files. You should install Locale::PO module first (available on http://search.cpan.org)

PoWeb runs as a CGI ; you should add the apropriate scriptAlias directive to your Apache config. Example : ScriptAlias /poweb /usr/local/poweb/poweb.cgi

You then need to customize variables in poweb.cgi :

o $po_dir : the directory containing the PO files
o $session_dir : the directory where user session data are stored

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