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powerPlant is a geometry generator and editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Olufemi Rosanwo and Pascal Gleske
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powerPlant is a geometry generator and editor. powerPlant is specially suitable to generate terrain and plant models. The geometry generation is based on custom implementations of L-Systems, Turtle-Interpretation and the Diamond-and-Square algorithm.

powerPlant is composed of a Java application supplying the application logic and external Haskell programs for geometry generation.

The application is intended to create complex, realistic models by supplying a minimum ammount of parameters instead of explicit modelling. Created models can be combined recursively to make up complete scenes. This scene creation is presented in a WYSIWYG tree view. The integrated terrain tool can also be used to generate various coloured, tileable textures.

Every work result (models, scenes) can be loaded and saved in a xml file. User interaction takes place in a convenient Java Swing GUI that brings together all the aspects of the application.

The chosen approach should significantly shorten the process of creating adequate 3D-models and entire virtual landscapes with realtime visualization. Visualization is based on OpenGL/GLU API and includes adjustable speed optimizations.

Java 1.5
GHC 6.4
jsr231 (jogl)


java -jar powerPlant-install-

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