Privateer Gemini Gold 1.01 Patch review

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Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of Wing Commander Privateer. Back in 1993 Privateer was released as part of the Wing Commander s

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Privateer Gemini Gold Team
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Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of Wing Commander Privateer.

Back in 1993 Privateer was released as part of the Wing Commander series and became a great success in the gaming industry. Over 10 years later a small group of privateer enthusiasts reintroduce the game with a new graphic engine and real 3d spaceflight.

As Grayson Burrows you inherited a small old scout class ship from your grandfather, to start over as a Privateer in a new and sparsely populated sector of the Confederation. Take your chance and become a pirate, merchant or hunter upgrade your ship and experience the hard truth in a border sector where noone has anything to give away...

This project is different from Privateer Remake in that it focuses on recreating the original Privateer without additional fan created content, it however shares the source with Privateer Remake.

What's New in This Release:
Special Features
High Quality textures for the Tarsus
Planets with clouds, Space Stations have lightmaps
Oxford and Palan missions are easier now (rebalanced)

possible speed improvements during bootup and gameplay
luxury/natural goods model gets a new texture
adds high-res explosion animations
bases and planets now have an automatic landing zone
Oxford library computer animation added
adds jump activation sound
repair droids are working a lot faster
sets the ship's starting speed to ~150kps
reduces number of available cargo missions
uses Wing Commander style missile lock animation

drone mission bug
Ship Dealer graphic at Oxford
explosion sound for asteroids
Derelict Base now always spawns
*.blank on the navigation computer
"fix" button bug on the upgrade computer
cargo-bug which prevented to accept and fly a mission
artifact-loss-through ship purchase
spawned cargo in cargo hold after ship purchase
mercenary computer display graphic bug
removes unimportant information from commodity computer
removes neutral com faces for the paradigm
ship's energy system fixed (ecm bug)
prevents collision after ship explosion (with eject seats)
never ending escort missions
miggs now shows his face and speaks to you
removes "news" and "ship dealer" from some computer consoles
orion price changed to 75.000
tractor beams removed from talons
request landing "0" removed (without function)

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