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ProjectCenter is GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 294K
Developer: Philippe C.D. Robert
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ProjectCenter is GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE). It is based in part on NeXT's original Project Builder. It assists you in starting new projects and lets you manage your project files using a intuitive and well ordered graphical user interface.

Serg Stoyan is the current maintainer of ProjectCenter. Please contact him if you would like to submit a bug report or volunteer to improve ProjectCenter. The original author of ProjectCenter, Philippe C.D. Robert, no longer actively contributes to the application.

Over a decade ago, NeXT Computer Inc. revolutionized application development by making two great developer tools available for their operation system OPENSTEP: Project Builder and Interface Builder. These applications made application development much easier and faster and took NeXT ahead of the other computer manufacturers and operating system vendors.

Supporting the project types 'Application', 'Bundle', 'Library', 'Tool', and 'Aggregate', ProjectCenter automatically creates the project makefiles and aids you in the process of editing, project compilation, package building and debugging. In the future, built-in CVS support will be available, too.

ProjectCenter is a very useable application, but is still evolving. Support is there for project creation and inspection as well as basic Makefile generation. Using the 'Application' project type, you can already create graphical applications using ProjectCenter and Gorm in conjunction.

GNUstep is a free, standard, object-oriented, cross-platform development environment meant to provide generalized visual interface design, a cohesive user interface, and look good as well. GNUstep is based on and completely compatible with the OpenStep specification developed by NeXT (now Apple Computer Inc.).
GNUstep is a whole load of things, but primarily a framework (libraries, tools, applications) for developing software. It is not a not a window manager. And the libraries are not used by WindowMaker at present, although WindowMaker shares a similar look.

At no stage will you ever 'run' GNUstep - you will run applications and tools and will make use of its services. At some point you may well find packages distributed as 'GNUstep' systems in the way that you get 'GNU/Linux' systems packaged today. Look at Simply GNUstep, the GNUstep Live CD, and Project Backbone for examples.

The ProjectCenter will hopefully consist of the following capabilities somewhen in the midterm future:

* Project management
This includes versioning control, automatic makefile generation, file management etc.

* Source code editing facilities
A builtin editor will be available in a future release. This has not main priority, though.

* Debugging fascilities
A builtin debugger will be added to ProjectCenter as soon as possible!

* Documentation automation help
Automatic documentation generation using autogsdoc or another tool will be introduced later.

* UML-based case tool

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