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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Wolfgang Glunz
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pstoedit program converts Postscript and PDF files to other vector graphic formats so that they can be edited graphically.

Supported Formats

Currently pstoedit can generate the following major formats:

Tgif .obj format (for tgif version >= 3)
.fig format for xfig
pdf - Adobe's Portable Document Format
gnuplot format
Flattened PostScript (with or without Bezier curves)
DXF - CAD exchange format
LWO - LightWave 3D
RIB - RenderMan
RPL - Real3D
Java 1 or Java 2 applet
Idraw format (in fact a special form of EPS that idraw can read)
AI (Adobe Illustrator) (based on - not a real pstoedit driver - see notes below and manual)
Windows Meta Files (WMF) (Windows 9x/NT only)
Enhanced Windows Meta Files (EMF) (Windows 9x/NT only)
OS/2 meta files (OS/2 only)
PIC format for troff/groff
MetaPost format for usage with TeX/LaTeX
LaTeX2e picture
GNU Metafile (plotutils / libplot)
Skencil( )
via ImageMagick to any format supported by ImageMagick

What's New in This Release:
Several usability improvements were introduced.
Secure versions of several functions are used where possible.
The code was cleaned up and a driver was included for the OpenOffice metafile format.

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