Puzzle Blocks 0.5.3 review

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Turt's Puzzle Blocks multi-platform puzzle game, designed for both Linux and Windows

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1072K
Developer: Turt99 Productions
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Turt's Puzzle Blocks multi-platform puzzle game, designed for both Linux and Windows. Turt's Puzzle Blocks is also the current project of Turt99 Productions. The goal of the project is to gain experience C++ and Object Oriented Design, as well as to help in the learn process of Linux as a development platform.

Turt's Puzzle Blocks has actually gone through many stages; it started its life as "Turt's Breakdown". At this point the graphics where being designed so the "blocks" didn't exists. Once the "blocks" where created there was a need for the name to be changed, and a lot of new modes (or mini games) seemed to fall into the design. As of the Beta release you are basically seeing what "Turt's Breakdown" was to be, however there are many more plans for Turt's Puzzle Blocks.

Turt's Puzzle Blocks is created using KDevelop 2.1 under Linux Redhat 9.0, and uses the SDL libraries. SDL was chosen because it is a multi-platform library that would allow the seamless development for 2 operating systems. SDL main library supplies the support for the windows and the display, but Turt's Puzzle Blocks also uses two additional SDL libraries SDL_image and SDL_Mixer. SDL_image supports the use for PNG and TGA files, which allows for Alpha blending and results in clean lines and smooth graphics. SDL_mixer is used for playing sounds and the background music.

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