Py++ 0.8.2 review

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License: Open Software License
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Developer: Roman Yakovenko
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Py++ is an object-oriented framework for creating a code generator for the Boost.Python library.

Here are some key features of "Pyplusplus":
class wrappers
two modes of code generation:
using scope - better error messages location from compiler
no scope
automatic detection of held type
nested classes
implicit conversion

virtual methods
protected method, even non-virtual ones can be accessed from Python.
two modes of code generation:
with function type - good for exporting template instantiated functions and overloaded ones.
without function type
static methods
code generated for wrapped methods takes into account types of arguments
operators, both free and member ones
call policies resolver

variables, bit fields
namespace aliasing and using
writing multiple files
user code could be inserted almost any where
write code into file if there were changes
user license is written at the top of every file
extracting documentation from source files and integrating it with generated source code

What's New in This Release:
This version introduces quite few improvements.
Performance was improved.
A fully automatic algorithm for exposing C++ get/set functions as Python properties was devised.
Previously generated source files that are no longer in use are now handled.
A convenience API was added for translating user-defined exceptions to Python exceptions.
Understanding of call policies was improved, so default_call_policies should not be generated any more, and return_value_policy< return_opaque_pointer > will cause Py++ to create a specialization for the type_id function, as required by the library.

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