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PyCHM is a set of Python bindings for Jed Wing's chmlib

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Adriana Fernandes
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PyCHM is a set of Python bindings for Jed Wing's chmlib. These bindings are used by GnoCHM, a CHM file viewer for GNOME 2.

The chm package contains four modules, namely chm.chm, chm.chmlib, chm.extra and chm._chmlib. chm.chmlib is a low level wrapper module around the API provided by the C library chmlib. Quoted from Jed's README:

chmlib is a small library designed for accessing MS ITSS files. The ITSS file format is used for Microsoft Html Help files (.chm), which have been the predominant medium for software documentation from Microsoft during the past several years, having superceded the previously used .hlp file format.

chm.chm provides some high level functionality over chm.chmlib, such as access to the .chm file contents tree.

chm.extra contains extra functionality to allow detection encodings in the CHM archives and to support full-text search.

Python >= 2.2
CHMLIB >= 0.

What's New in This Release:
Word search is no longer case sensitive.
Cases where the contents tab was not being displayed were fixed.

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