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pydsc is a Python documentation spell checker

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Roman Yakovenko
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pydsc is a Python documentation spell checker. This module check Python documentation string for spellilng errors.


The pydsc module contains functionality needed to check documentation strings
and comments for spelling errors, within Python code. The pydsc module depends
on PyEnchant spell checker. PyEnchant provides interface for different spell


The use of the pydsc module is very simple - just import pydsc and all modules
that will be imported after it will be checked. By default all spelling errors
will be printed to sys.stdout. The pydsc checker could be customized in many
different ways:

you can define set of files/directories that should be included/excluded from check process
you can redefine error messages destination
you can redefine and/or re-configurate spell checker


python install

Usage example:

import pydsc
import readline #errors will be printed to standart output

more complex example ( taken from pygccxml project ):

import pydsc
#test only pygccxml
#package_directory defined earlier
pydsc.doc_checker.filter.append( package_directory )
pydsc.doc_checker.filter_type = pydsc.FILTER_TYPE.INCLUDE
map( pydsc.doc_checker.speller.ignore_always
, [ 'org'
, 'http'
, 'bool'
, 'str'
, 'www'
, 'param'
, 'txt'
, 'decl'
, 'decls'
, 'namespace'
, 'enum'
, 'const'
, 'GCC'
, 'xcc'
, 'TODO'
, 'typedef'
, 'os'
, 'normcase'
, 'normpath' ] )

What's New in This Release:
A few critical bugs were fixed.
The API has been improved.
A few convenience method were added.

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