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Jack is a high performance, low latency real-time audio server

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: A. W. Schmeder
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Jack is a high performance, low latency real-time audio server. PyJack is a python extension which allows you to play and record using Numeric Python arrays as audio buffers.

There are some potential problems involving new developments of the Jack client API. I have also received patches to make this compile on MacOS, etc., but have not integrated them yet.

The code is not actively maintained at this time, but you can bug me if you have questions / issues / etc..


- To show that it can be done.

- For programmers who want to prototype DSP and sound synthesis algorithms using Numeric Python and similar tools. PyJack provides the means to capture and playback audio.

- For patchbay applications; A powerful Jack patchbay can be written in Python using this module. This is planned for the future.


This package uses the excellent and simple Python distutils. Installation is very simple. It works something like this;

# tar -xzvf pyjack-0.1.tar.gz (unpack archive)
# cd pyjack-0.1 (cd to source dir)
# python install (install...)

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