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qpsmtpd is a flexible smtpd daemon written in Perl

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Developer: Ask Bj?rn Hansen
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qpsmtpd is a flexible smtpd daemon written in Perl. Apart from the core SMTP features, all functionality is implemented in small "extension plugins" using the easy to use object oriented plugin API.

qpsmtpd was originally written as a drop-in qmail-smtpd replacement, but now it also includes a smtp forward and a postfix backend.

Here are some key features of "qpsmtpd":


Advanced but simple to use plugin system to easily install extra functionality and write local rules.
Almost all features are implemented in plugins
Plugin directories: Peter J. Holzer, Gavin Carr, Aran Clary Deltac, Rasjid Wilcox, current SVN.

MTA compatibility:

Drop-in replacement for qmail-smtpd
Postfix protocol module
SMTP queuing plugin to support any SMTP compliant backend
Other "backends" are easily implemented with a queue plugin


Innovative spam fighting ideas can easily be implemented and tested with qpsmtpd plugins. One successful examples is the check_earlytalker plugin (disconnects most viruses and many spam engines before we even say hello!).
Support for DNS Black Lists like ORDB and the mail-abuse.org lists.
Support for Domain-Based Blacklist Zones lists.
Support for Milter filters (yes, those written for sendmail) with the milter plugin
Greylisting with Gavin Carr's denysoft_greylist plugin
SPF support with the sender permitted from plugin
Integrated support for SpamAssassin
Virus scanning with ClamAV

What's New in This Release:
Extended SMTP status codes, more log plugins, an improved postfix plugin, better TLS support, and clamdscan bugfixes were added.

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