QtWvDialer 0.4.2 review

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QtWvdialer is a simple graphical frontend to wvdial

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 60K
Developer: Matthias Toussaint
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QtWvdialer is a simple graphical frontend to wvdial. Even if it looks like a GTK application in this screen shot, QtWvDialer was developed with Qt from Trolltech AS. I've chosen the GTK theme because it makes my desktop more homogenous when mixing GNOME and KDE applications. Wvdial was written by Dave Coombs and Avery Pennarun for Worldvisions Computer Technology, as part of the Worldvisions Weaver project.

QtWvdialer is a simple graphical front-end to wvdial and it's free software. You need the Qt library version 2.1.0 or better and wvdial. It provides you with a easy to use GUI to fire up a ppp connection. Additionally you have access to the output of wvdial, some PPP statistics and a editor for the wvdial configuration. The code for PPP statistics retrieval was extracted from the very fine program kpppload from Sean Vyain. Thanks Sean, for this nice piece of GPL'ed code!

QtWvDialer as source and compilation is simple:

1. Untar the tarball
2. Enter the directory QtWvDialer
3. call ./configure
4. call make and wait a few minutes

Now you'll find the executable qtwvdialer in the QtWvDialer/bin directory. Put it into your $PATH and you are done.

What's New in This Release:
Mainwindow usability
Removed copyright window (is page in config dialog now)
made graph reflect connection state

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