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quicktables is an iptables firewall and firewall / nat (gateway) script generator

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 19K
Developer: diaolin
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quicktables is an iptables firewall and firewall / nat (gateway) script generator. it was created to provide a secure set of iptables rules quickly, while still maintaining few requirements (sh and ifconfig pretty much). quicktables will ask you to answer a small handful of questions, and generates your very own personalized firewall or script.

quicktables mailing lists are ready and open. please follow the mailing lists link above for subscription info. the qtables-users list has replaced the comments and help forums which were previously on this site.

When you run quicktables you will be asked a series of questions. If you don't fully understand any of the questions, please read the questions and example answers and descriptions below. you might not be prompted to answer some of the questions that you see described below. For example if you don't answer yes to the nat question the script will skip the nat related questions. some of the questions aren't really questions, but i'll describe them as well.

Here are some key features of "quicktables":
nat and no nat (firewall only) options
default policy of DROP on INPUT and FORWARD chains (all packets dropped)
tcp and udp ACCEPTs on INPUT chain (open ports to the firewall machine)
tcp and upd port forwarding with nat (forward ports to multiple internal hosts nat only)
multiple icmp (ping) options
multiple packet logging level options (syslog - kern.info)
redhat specific installation and init script supporting both /sbin/service and sbin/chkconfig commands
advances port forwarding to multiple internal hosts with multiple external destination addresses
advanced support for transparent http proxying with squid running either on the firewall itself or running on another host
extremely newbie friendly while still secure and very feature rich

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